Clare Degerness

Platinum is one of the rarest elements in the earth’s crust. This scarcity makes it highly valuable, and thus it has become a symbol of noteworthy accomplishment: sale of over one million musical albums, 70 years of marriage, and extensive credit card spending. Although none of my ancestors reached this marriage milestone, and I do not have a chance of living long enough to do so, they celebrated their weddings in style and lived out their marriage vows for many years. Pictured along with my husband and me are my parents, my paternal grandparents and my maternal great-grandparents.

2 thoughts on “Platinum

  1. Maureen Kelly Jonason says:

    Beauitful! I am reminded that platinum is strong enough that it does not need nickle to strengthen it as gold does. I discovered that I was allergic to nickle when after three weeks of marriage, I had broken out from my gold wedding ring. If I were to become a quilter, I would have to get platinum needles with which to sew!

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