Caron Lage

As a child there was always a sewing machine set up and in use in the Lage household. Mom made most of the children’s clothes and did various crafts. Caron soon joined in and created some memorable garments. Who can forget the tartan Christmas suit of 1976?  (And if anyone remembers the blue velvet knickers of 1979, it would be most kind of you to simply laugh quietly to yourself.)
No longer having the time for a fanciful wardrobe, an older Caron begins making quilts out of any old fabric she can find.These are large and warm, but only mildly interesting.
In the early 1990’s Caron joins the Quilters’ Guild of North Dakota, where she makes many wonderful friends, learns many new skills, and refines her focus. Her distinctive fiber art explores color and texture while challenging the boundaries of traditional quiltmaking.
Caron lives and creates in St Cloud, Minnesota.

Caron in front of her “And Still Counting” project. Find Caron’s blog here.

View Caron’s Elements

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