Clare Degerness

Clare, photo by Danelle Blotter

I learned to quilt at an adult ed class in the early 1980s. From childhood I’d been interested in art and craft projects of all kinds. As is often the case with quilters, once I discovered quilting I gave up many of those other activities.

I’m one of the founding members of Designing Quilters. Susan Duffy and I discussed the idea of starting an original design group while we were enduring extreme heat in a third floor dorm room at a Minnesota Quilters conference. It has proven to be a great idea, even though we were probably suffering from heat stroke at the time.

My style in recent years has come to be machine applique, although I still think of myself as primarily a machine piecer. In either case, I feel most relaxed and at home sitting at my Bernina. I also thoroughly enjoy the original design process, whether at the beginning or along the way. I am energized at the start of a project and do some of my best brainstorming during my nightly baths.

One of my strengths is making color choices, something that was probably improved by the color class I took in college as part of my home economics degree. If I had known then how much I actually use those principles, I would have worked even harder.

What I’ve like most about the elements project is how it has stretched my whole brain, right side and left. And, as always, I’ve been inspired by the creativity of my fellow quilters, friends and friends to be.

View Clare’s Elements

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