Jan Zielke Flack

Long-time fabric-aholic and sewer; I started quilting in the mid-80s.I joined the Quilters’ Guild of ND in 1990, shortly after moving to the Fargo/Moorhead area. I enjoy the creative process of selecting colors for quilts and love the “hunt” as I search for just the right fabric for a current or future project. I get inspiration from nature, architecture, friends and family as I create my quilting projects … many of which are small so I can complete them in short order and give them away!

I joined this project because I am a science geek (I had my own microscope in jr. high) and I am married to a nuclear pharmacist. My husband, John, helped me sort through ideas for my Gadolinium block and was consulted as I created my designs. I enjoyed the freedom of choice that came with this project!!

I have been a friend of many of the Designing Quilters for years and enjoy the energy of the group!

View Jan’s Elements

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