Janet Houle

I still consider myself a “new” quilter but my journey began in earnest in 2006. I was intrigued by Quilting Arts on public television and I already had a great love for textiles, baubles and all kinds of “junk” so I thought I should learn the basics. I signed up for a “traditional quilting class” and soon found that precise 1/4″ seams were not my favorite part of the process.  Luckily, I met a kindred spirit who asked if I would like to be part of a group focusing on art quilting that was just starting. As one of the original DIVAS I have been exposed to many talented quilters and artists.The group has helped me learn new skills and new ways to think about quilting as a process along with great quilt shops and quilt shows to check out. I particularly love exploring color combinations that are unusual, vintage textiles and ephemera and working with mixed media textiles.

Being involved in the elements project sounded like a challenge that could provide connections to the talented quilters from DQ. The project has helped me learn that some boundaries are helpful during the creative process  Limitations of time and size helped focus my design process and allowed me to complete my quilts. I have yet to make my great art quilt but now I believe it is possible as I continue to test boundaries and embrace experimentation ( a little scientific tie in???).

View Janet’s Elements

One thought on “Janet Houle

  1. I just know your great “art quilt” is coming quickly around the corner. Your art work here testifies to that. It is also good to see your smile! Thanks for sending me the link to this outlet of DIVAS… all of whom should be proud of their work.

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