Jean Back

I made my first quilt the summer of 1971. It was a red and blue pinwheel quilt made from bandanas to cover my dorm bed. My second quilt was made in 1994. Although I produce at a greater rate these days, I must admit my project ideas far surpass my capabilities and available time. I am one of ten founding members of the D.I.V.A.S. art quilt group in Alexandria, MN.

I enjoy the creative beginnings of a project and have discovered I am more apt to finish a smaller project. The ‘Elements’ challenge shared by the Designing Quilters was an excellent outlet for creativity in a small format. There are so many more elements now than when I learned them in school! Most puzzling: if an element has only existed once for a few seconds and has no use, is it really an element?

My life in 8 words: happy, busy, quiet, stitchin’, changing, colorful, creative backlog.

View Jean’s Elements

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