Kim Stenehjem

Although still a practicing quilter, I have lately become enthralled with the glittery world of beads. Having now taken up crazy quilting, bead embroidery, and embellishing my “sane” quilts, my fascination with beads has become fused with quilting and my art quilts have taken a new turn. Like a magpie, I’m drawn to anything sparkly that adds interest and dimension to my quilts.

The Elements project has reawakened an interest in geology that had laid dormant since college — a subject I took for 3 semesters because it met my science requirement without requiring labs or dissecting anything. My favorite part of this project has been the fascinating insight into the scientific process gleaned from researching the history of each element I have interpreted.

I have been a member of Designing Quilters since 1995.

View Kim S’s Elements

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