Mary Ann Waxler

I’ve always enjoyed the process of making something with my hands and mind. I don’t remember when I learned to embroider, crochet, knit and sew – probably from books and trial and error. Never mind, they were all abandoned when I discovered quilting in the late 1970s. As a charter member of QGND I’ve enjoyed working for the guild and perfecting my quilting skills.

I’ve witnessed many changes in quilting. The Art quilt movement and machine quilting have shoved traditional quilting to the background. I don’t know where I belong so I’ve become more of an observer than a participant. I admire the best of the modern genre but think there is a lot of bad quilting masquerading as Art and vice versa. Is the desire to be an Artist influencing quilters to abandon established quilting techniques and materials? If so, are they still quilters? Perhaps no one cares.

The Elements project was a real challenge for me; I admired everyone else’s efforts but couldn’t work up much enthusiasm for my chosen elements. My brain didn’t want to play the game but I wanted to stay on the team so I persevered with considerable coaching from Kim. Thanks.

View Mary Ann’s Elements

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