Silly Stoff

(Yes, it’s stoff, not stuff–just playing with words on the silly page. “Stoff” is German for Fabric, and is found in the names of many elements as well.)

A Cornucopia of Chemical Crayons

what's in those crayons?

QueInteresante on etsy sells these: a set of 96 stick on CLEAR labels with information about which chemical goes with which color and a chemistry lesson for the non-chemical person

Turns out the seller is a Spanish teacher in Fargo! See the web page here.

2 thoughts on “Silly Stoff

  1. Jane says:

    Jane Lillestol wants lakeium!

  2. Jan Flack says:

    MIght I suggest another element … melodramium … which can make life more of a challenge than necessary at times or … relieve boredom if needed!!
    Jan Flack

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