Some Interesting Applications

Who would have thought the periodic table of elements could inspire a songwriter to new heights. Lehrer was a singer, songwriter, humorist, and professor of mathematics at Harvard University. He wrote the classic “The Elements” in 1959, setting the names of all then-known elements to the tune of Gilbert and Sullivan’s Major General’s Song from The Pirates of Penzance.

Below, actor Daniel Radcliffe performs his party trick of singing Tom Lehrer’s classic song “The Elements” on BBC’s The Graham Norton Show.

Very funny, but there’s nothing like the original. Although YouTube doesn’t supply a video of Lehrer performing, they do offer this clever animation set to one of Lehrer’s live performances.

What would a real chemistry geek drive?

Kim Stenehjem found a website with some unusual uses for the periodic table:

click here to see 18 more

Anna Baird likes this version of the table for knitters:

knitter’s periodic table

Periodic Table Cupcakes

In by Katherine, Dessert First on November 27 at 9:36 pm

I helped my little sister bake these periodic table cupcakes for her birthday party tomorrow.

A periodic table made entirely out of cupcakes.

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