Chemistry – it’s all Greek to me!  The Greek word Thallos, or ‘green twig’ is what Thallium was named after by Sir William Crookes,an English Chemist who observed a bright green line as he inspected sludge leftover from sulfuric acid with a spectroscope.


The margin is very “narrow” between toxic applications of this element and its beneficial use.  For example, it was used to treat skin infections but also to kill rodents and ants!  It has been banned from household use since 1974.


Bohrium  has a half-life under half a second, and is named after Niels Bohr, who figured out the electron structure.
Since I know little about chemistry – I am repeating what I read – that this “gave rise to the periodic table”.  This seems to be pretty important since this is something that all scientist revere and quilters get to be creative with!   Bh contains 7 levels of energy, the energy in each level is represented by the black beads at each of the colors variations I used to interpret these levels. They total 106. Evidently the P: 107 which was part of the atomic structure does not relate to this or the N: 155.

These don’t mean a thing to me – maybe some scientist can explain?