Samarium is a rare earth metal discovered in 1879. It’s atomic number is 62.
When combined with cobalt, it becomes a very strong, long lasting magnet used in headphones, small motors, magnetic guitar pick ups.
When combined with carbon, it makes a very bright light used for stage lighting and search lights.
When combined with lexidrone it kills cancer cells.
It is also used as a neutron absorber in the control rods of nuclear reactors.


Element 109 was discovered in 1982. It was originally named Unnilennium. In 1997, element 109 was renamed ‘Meitnerium’ in honor of Austrian physicist Lise Meitner.

Lise Meitner partnered with Otto Hahn in the discovery of nuclear fission. Lise Meitner was ‘overlooked’ by the Nobel Committee when they awarded the 1949 Nobel Prize for Chemistry to Otto Hahn.

by Jean Back