Californium is a radioactive metal that has not been produced yet because its compounds resist reduction. It is readily expected to be attacked by air, steam and acids. Discovered in 1950, its atomic number is 98. A traditional quilt block The Road to California represents #98.  It was a road with many perils. I have great admiration for the ancestors who settled our country. I included cactus, oxen, antelope and a lone wagon to commemorate the journey. I think I watched  way too many episodes of Wagon Train growing up!


Another of the Swedish elements from Ytterby, terbium is used in manufacturing CD’s and electronics. My husband’s favorite musician is Frank Zappa. I used his signature mustache and soul patch on the silver lamé CD. The background fabric was painted with watercolors, and the binding was intended to add some psychedelic flair!

This is my husband’s favorite element!