Vicky Bogart

Lithium floats on water. It is a soft, silver-white metal found in seawater and in plants, plankton and invertebrates. When heated, it turns crimson red, and is used in flares and pyrotechnics. Lithium is found in dwarf brown stars, carbon stars and twinkling stars. Most recently, it is used in batteries. I deliberately chose not to depict the more dramatic use of lithium as a pharmaceutical.


Vicky Bogart

Tin foil was once common wrapping material for drugs and foods, such as chocolate. Replaced by aluminum foil, tin foil is still used as a generic term for silver metal that comes in thin sheets. Tin cans, tin ceiling panels, and corrugated building sheathing are more often made of steel or aluminum with a coating of tin to inhibit rust.

Tin is alloyed with copper to produce bronze, and with copper, antimony and lead to produce pewter. If someone called you a “tinnie”, you might be one who enjoys a can of beer.


Vicky Bogart

The Midas Touch, gold leaf, gold dust, gold bar, gold medals, gold coins, gold trophies, gold threads, goldfish, heart of gold, gold ribbon, gold star, golden moon, goldenrod, band of gold, The Golden Mean, The Golden Rule, The Golden Ratio, The Golden Feather.

Silence is Golden.

Gold has a lattice face centered cubic crystal structure. It is a tasteless, odorless, dense metal that is the most malleable of metals. One ounce can be pounded into a 300 square foot sheet. It is used in dentistry, electronics, wiring, pharmaceuticals and jewelry.

It is the Gold Standard.