Debra Mohr

I have been quilting ever since I started my career as a stay-at-home mom. My first project was piecing squares from a home decorating swatch book into a warm,heavy, sheet backed quilt.

I love antique quilts, whether appliquéd or pieced.  Simple to complex piecing, they all have charm.  I also like pieced art quilts in the style of Ruth McDowell.

My favorite fabrics are polka dots.
I enjoy the design process the best, although I enjoy every step of making a quilt — and feel a little lost when a big project is completed.

I participated in this project because it involved a little research and was open to any style or technique I wanted to use.  (The 11 inch square size  was the only requirement.)  I also wanted to stay involved with the Designing Quilters after having moved away.
I have been a member of DQ since 1992, and am a founding member of Divas.

View Deb’s Elements

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